Interior Decor {My Home}: Office Nook

Tuesday, October 7

I have suddenly developed a passion for interior decorating.  I have been focusing much of this year on several home improvement projects that were sorely needed.  I have lived in my home for about 6 years and it was time to do some painting, upgrade some utilities and just commit to an overall 'lived in' look for my home.

I decided to tackle the two smallest rooms in my home on my own, so I painted them and did some low budget decorating.  I would first like to say that Ikea and The Container Store are great shopping solutions for interior decor for small spaces.  I got my desk and file cabinet from Ikea and the lucite desk accessories from the Container store.  The lucite chair that you see is from  I use Wayfair to add smaller more interesting pieces in my spaces.  I like to think of them as 'conversation pieces'.  They have awesome sales and the shipping is usually fast and cheap.  

The biggest advice I have for decorating smaller spaces is not to use a lot of wood furniture.  I am a big fan of wooden furniture and interesting  carpentry but these can be bulky and clutter a space if not incorporated properly.  I decided to stick with an all white palette and throw some lucite accessories mainly to give the smaller space a more open feel.  

You can't really see from these photos but this room is also where I kennel my two dogs, so I was relegated to one wall to make this office space happen.  I maximized space with floating shelves and buying furniture that had plenty of drawer space as well.